Minor Lohud.com comments

Re why SUNY enrollment is declining.

Minor edit: see text below regarding ‘multi-faceted’ problem for SUNY.

The problem for SUNY is multi-faceted. Fewer students are going to community colleges because of a robust economy that makes it easier to enter the workforce than to take classes.

Enrollment at New York’s 30 community colleges fell a whopping 19% between 2009 and this fall, SUNY records show, a drop of more than 45,000 students.

Population decline in upstate New York, meanwhile, has resulted in fewer high school students for campuses to recruit. Also, fewer college students are going into teaching careers, which was once a top draw to SUNY.

The para “Enrollment at . . . 45,000 students” is out of place and should be moved.  Then text would read … multifaceted. 1) fewer students at community colleges. 2) Population decline.  3) fewer students entering teaching.  Easier to read and understand.


Another fix: missing word inserted: “State officials countered aid to SUNY and CUNY is up 30% to $7.2 billion [since] Cuomo took office in 2011, and 55% of full-time students now attend SUNY and CUNY tuition free.”

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