Suprising win for Brexit. Check that – I did not pay attention before the vote. I am enjoying the liberal moaning, though.  One theme: all fueled by xenophobia and racism.  I think this hurts the liberals in the long run.   Labeling your opponents like that will get you nowhere.

Seeking guidance

Given that cultural diversity is a national value, is the Orlando massacre a celebration (for letting Omar Mateen act out his cultural norms) or is it a hate crime (for killing LBQT people)?  Or maybe tolerating hate crimes is a strength for diversity?  /s/ Confuse.

Indictment decision September 15

Not to say that there will necessarily be an indictment.  But by Sept 15 the President will be able to decide if Sec. Clinton will lose the election.  If ‘yes’, then indict her and get a replacement nominee.  Regrettably, the truth/falsity of her email server violations will play little part.