Very confused councilwoman

In Dallas.  From videotape it appears that she regrwts little people losing eminent domain cases due to lack of resources, but is also upset that a rich person can fight and fight, and apparently get a settlement, because he has resources. From the tape it appears the issue is installation of a water pipe through the property, which seems like a straightforward eminent domain situation.  So how did the rich guy win?  Details are missing.  Maybe the councilwoman wants it both ways. Sorry to take your land, but you always must acquiesce.

More $$$ needed for Democratic party

Supposedly the Democratic Party spent $24 million in GA-6 election (I saw larger and smaller numbers).  They lost.  The party count in the House of Representatives is 238 Republicans and 193 Democrats (there are 4 vacancies which I will ignore).  To regain control the Democrats will need to turn over 23 seats.  23 seats * $24 million = $500 million (rounding off) and that might not be enough.  That will be a lot of fundraising.

What he said

M Trumble, in comment to this Althouse post. says exactly what I have been struggling to formulate.  “Nothing will be revealed today. Were it possible to unseat Trump, anything remotely damaging would have come out months ago. They fired their bullets, threw all of the rocks, and are now clawing the ground for clods of dirt and spitting. And they think they are winning.”  Bullseye.