Witness and beyond

It seems to me that the distress on the left over Trump’s election derives from some sort of corrupted moral witness thinking.  The moral witness sees and tells the truth, in spite of cost.  This person therefore acquires moral authority.  An ‘If A then B’ statement.  The corruption enters when others agree with the witness, then assume the presumed mantle of moral authority, then extends that presumed authority to judge.  Perhaps I misunderstand the moral witness concept.

Year in review

Just like my MSM superiors.

  1. I correctly predicted Trump would win, once in September and once in October.  I got vote count wrong, guessing 51-49 in favor of Trump; Clinton won popular vote.
  2. I need to put links in hypertext more often.
  3. I confirm my endorsement of books mentioned in past year.
  4. My apologies for occasional duplicate entries.  Not sure how that happened. I should try tagging entries, too, for easier categorization.

Best wishes to all for 2017!

The show must go on

unless you are Rockette Phoebe Pearl.  Then the performer’s feelings may override time-honored show business tradition.  I wonder if the show would be canceled if enough of the audience wore Trump shirts.

Update: apparently there is a binding contract.  No individual boycotts.  https://pjmedia.com/trending/2016/12/23/union-radio-city-rockettes-cant-boycott-trump-inaugural/


Fantasy world of the AP

“A planned revolt among electors in the Electoral College has fizzled, sending President-elect Donald Trump to a victory far more mundane than his opponents had hoped for.” (from http://hudsonvalley.news12.com/news/revolt-fizzles-as-trump-easily-wins-electoral-college-vote-1.12781935).  My emphasis.  Who did this ‘planning’?  The Electors?  No.  Others were pushing and agitating for electors to change their vote.  This is not ‘planning’.  AP betrays its Democratic Party leanings . . . again.

I also think the use of ‘mundane’ is incorrect.  Mundane means lacking interest or excitement; dull.  So the ‘fizzled’ revolt sent Trump to a duller victory than his opponents had hoped for.  Does this mean the opponents wanted a thriller?  A too-close-to-call vote?  It needs editing.