Rules are for little people

Clintons apparently violating building variances in Chappaqua, NY.  I love the false equivalence with Trump’s golf course.   Good for for running the story, but they are still all-in with the Clintons.


My first reaction

to new FBI investigation of HRC emails via Anthony Weiner?  HRC is not paying off her part of deal with Comey.

Like 1990

I predict Trump will win 51-49; it will be like Nicaragua’s 1990 election. People seemed locked into their positions.  The Sandinista opponents won to the surprise of all.  No one was allowed publicly express a contra view.  So the voters spoke up in the booth.

No one knows

They says Trump’s campaign is imploding due to recent revelations of alleged harassment.  It might be true.   Not a good thing.  But given that Trump broke every rule, and still won the nomination, how can anyone really believe the old rules apply?