Who do I feel sorry for?

The writers, producers, and actors of the Emmy winners.  All that hard work, recognized by your peers.  Opportunity to get the word out for others to check the show (or series) out.  And all drowned out by the discussion of the heavy anti-Trump routines on the Emmys.


Stage 2

Judging by the Emmys, the Democrats have moved on from Stage 1 (Denial ; not really the president, we will have re-election soon, etc) to Stage 2: ANGER.  Stage 3 = Bargaining is still 5 months away.

My car

I bought a 2017 BMW X1 last year.  The ride is wonderful; smooth, powerful, comfortable.  Final grade: A.  The interior controls are overthought, confusing, non-obvious, a mess.  Final grade: F.  Overall grade: C.