Who said it?

Something like “All totalitarianism starts with the impulse to protect”.  Via his Facebook page, Mayor Ted Wheeler, Portland, OR, is withholding a city permit for a gathering (maybe 2) because he objects to the likely content.  No word on when such a planned gathering would eventually be permitted; my guess is never.   To paraphrase Tom Wolfe, the long shadow of fascism is always landing on the United States and has landed in Portland.

Stage 3

“CNN’s Dylan Byers refreshingly acknowledged early on Friday morning that the mainstream media has an implicit slant towards the left.” (found in mediaite.com).  Other weblogs that I read scoff along the lines of ‘Well, duh’, and ‘Self-evident’. I prefer a more optimistic interpretation.  I am sure that Mr. Byers accepts the MSM/Clinton/Obama narrative and expects it to triumph.  He is also quoted in link as saying “Earlier in the segment, the CNN correspondent highlighted the apparent “conversation that’s happening among people who follow the news industry — which is, how can we bridge the, sort of, gap between all of those conservatives who don’t trust the media, and get them to start knowing that — you know, we’re acting in good faith, with good intentions?””  I read this as the proverbial Stage 3 in the mourning process: bargaining.  “If we only listen to you, then will you agree we are correct?”