Little has changed in 20 years

I am reading an excellent book on Theodore Kaczynski, the Unabomber.  The description of the press coverage after his arrest, and how they got so much wrong, rings true today: “Reportage at the time of Kaczynski’s arrest had exhibited a feature of pack journalism: It was wide but shallow.Reporters followed each other’s footsteps, interviewed the same people, and reached identical conclusions.”

From Harvard and the Unabomber by Alston Chase (W. W. Norton & Company, 2003).  Highly recommended.

NY Times safe space

I am talking about the two complementary post-election maps in the NY Times.  Look at the names! “Wyoming Shallows”, “Isla Grande”, “Pittsburgh Puddle”.  This was the NY Times graphics department wallowing in a safe space to deal with upset emotions post-election.

Speak out? Not a good idea

President Obama is apparently promising to speak out on issues after Donald Trump takes office.  Really?  Not well thought out (1) Trump will presumably have access to *lots* of internal Fed files, embarrassing files, scandalous even (2) Trump will lash out at Obama and Obama, who cannot take a punch and has not faced 1 in 8 years, will not like it.