Denial-anger-bargaining-depression-acceptance is not a fixed sequence of grief.  Mourners vary across the 5 stages.  But I think it offers a general guide.  All the anti-Trump fantasies in January (how new elections would be held, etc) were denial.  Now there will apparently be screaming at the sky on the anniversary of the election.  That is anger.  And Professor Lawrence Lessig has 5-step plan that gets both Trump and Pence out and puts Hillary in as president.  Pure fantasy, but so what?  It is bargaining.  People are making progress.

HW will be back

After reading very interesting Washington Post article (lost link – sorry) about his rise in the entertainment business, I learned he is persistent, energetic, unfazed by rejection, determined.  Sure, he is in a very deep hole now.  That will take time to get out of.  But I predict, in Jan 2021, we will be reading about the ‘resurrection of Harvey Weinstein’.  You heard it here first.

Jemele Hill touched the 3rd rail

She advised her ESPN viewers to boycott the NFL.    This would mean, if successful, less money for her employer.  Not sure what she was thinking, but now she is suspended for two weeks. Well, to be cynical, I think she was trying to spin future NFL ratings losses as a protest for the kneelers.

Quote without comment

“Ross [owner of Miami Dolphins], who spoke about 90 minutes before the Dolphins’ 16-10 victory over Tennessee and the national anthem, said President Donald Trump has changed the focus of anthem conversation from social injustice issues to patriotism, so it’s better now for the players to stand.”  Found in http://www.sun-sentinel.com/sports/miami-dolphins/fl-sp-dolphins-ross-anthem-20171008-story.html

Why did the NY Times expose Harvey Weinstein

My speculations in no particular order:

  1. Getting bad news out of the way for 2018 and in particular for 2020
  2. Grudge between NY Times executive or editor and HW
  3. HW not centrist enough or not leftist enough in Dem circles, so must be removed
  4. Per unsourced comment in another blog, a power struggle within the HW company
  5. Feminist purity: how can NYT rail against strengthened rights for the accused in colleges without cleaning house
  6. Intellectual honesty: this is a story regardless who it is about