Official JupiterComplex song

Is it too soon to identify the official JupiterComplex song?  Yes, it is, but so what?  I very much like “Rockin’ in the Free World” by Neil Young (  Many of the comments say it is a parody, and I recognize the hit on George Bush, Sr.  But the middle verse lamenting the loss of the child?  I am missing the sarcasm there.

In between two predictions

I thought the political discussion of the Oregon community college killings would follow one of two non-overlapping directions (1) shooter was Caucasian male, so uproar about it being NRA/GOP fault (2) shooter was Muslim, so silence.  But as to today (10/2), shooter is Caucasian who hates religion, esp. Christianity, but is not Muslim.  That falls in between what I thought covered all possibilities.