Alinsky rule #4

“Make the enemy live up to its own book of rules.”  Now in play in the comments at Andrew Gelman’s website where he discusses proposed EPA rules on open data.  Some commenters are upset.  “It also puts many of us in the position of arguing against open data policies in order to support better policy-making. As I said, it is unfortunate that this issue has been set up this way. I’d prefer to support open data AND support EPA research based on the best data they have available, even if it cannot be publicly released.” [my emphasis]

I liked what mockturtle said

The context is a comment justifying, or possibly justifying, aborting Down’s syndrome babies because of expected poor quality of life.  “Female infanticide could be justified by the statistical probability that she might end up in an abusive relationship or be subject to sexual harassment. Black infanticide because he/she could be subject to racism. By all means, let’s apply the ‘compassion’ argument to usher in all kinds of well-meaning measures on behalf of those without a voice.”


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NY Times ready for violence

Or at least Wil Haygood, NY Times bestselling author and reporter, is.  “I say to the bad people, the bad actors in this country, to those that support the Nazi movement and the white supremacy movement, I say to them, we are coming … We are coming to stop you because we got Rosa Parks at our back. We are coming to stop you because we have Trayvon Martin at our back. . . . We will meet you at the barricades. We will meet you on the highways.  We will meet you on the roadways.  We will meet you in the alleys. This is a two-party government, a two-party political system.  We win at the ballot box, not by violence.  We’re not like them.” [my emphasis].


Found in the University of Dayton Magazine, Spring 2018, page 12.