Spoiling for a fight; did not get one

I received a fundraising telephone call from the university attended by my oldest.  Ostensibly it was about making sure contact information was correct.  It was.  The caller very much sounded like an undergraduate. Then the caller, LIKE I KNEW HE WOULD, asked for a donation.  I said no, ready to explain that his college has a red light free speech rating from https://www.thefire.org/.  I was also ready to offer a donation of $1000 when the university gets a green light rating.  Sadly, the caller acquiesced to my refusal, so no fight.

Flailing with bonus points

When I first heard about  Chris Matthews comparing Jarek Kushner and Ivanka Trump to Saddam Husseins’ sons (http://www.washingtontimes.com/news/2017/mar/28/chris-matthews-compares-jared-kushner-ivanka-trump/) I thought “Wake me up when Mr. Matthews finally gets around to comparing Trump to Stalin”.  But he already beat me re Russian reference: “Do you think this bothers the country to have sort of a Romanov royal family running the place?”  So bonus points to Mr. Matthews.

I miss the news

I used to listen to news radio to and from work.  Now I find the stations all anti-Trump, staying inside the anti-Trump narrative, not interested in the other side of the story.  I listen to music or nothing.  It seems to me the MSM rationalizes its coverage as “Trump is objectively the worst President ever, so we must display every fault or glitch”.  Thus rationalized as objective, but completely partisan.  So I tune out.