Not what it seems

A discussion about a presumed early warning signal for Alzheimer’s disease, from the always interesting Althouse blog (  It is not about the disease; it is the latest attack on Trump.  He rambles and riffs when speaking in public; the link leads to article about how this could be early sign.  The implication: Trump is catching Alzheimer’s and should be removed from office immediately.  Another sign of desparation from his opponents.

Followup Questions for Prof. Dyson

Regarding his thinking about ‘individual reparation accounts’ described here.  Per one quote ” . . .  to cite your example from the book, paying “the black person who cuts your grass double what you might ordinarily pay.”

  1. I assume as a professor at a leading educational institution you are paid fairly for your talents.  Should you be paid 2x, or some multiple, as part of Georgetown’s reparations?
  2. If not, why not?  Is it because your current salary is sufficient?  Otherwise, what is the salary cutoff reparations/no-reparations?  Is it a sliding scale?
  3. If yes to question 1, would this lead to you being 2x an equivalent white female professor?  Should she accept this inequality across gender?  If yes, does that mean race trumps gender as some sort of yardstick for equality?  If no, how to resolve the inequity?