What he said

“I like the 2-party system and it worries me that the Democrats don’t seem to be interested in being that second party. You identify their problem exactly–they cannot learn. That, of course, is because they have defined themselves as the smart ones. So anyone who thinks differently is, necessarily, not as smart. And smart people don’t learn from dumb people, right? No, it has to be the other way around (but those stupid deplorables can’t pull their heads out of the sand!). ” [my emphasis]


Commenter ‘tim maquire’ at https://www.blogger.com/comment.g?blogID=6329595&postID=4844054327539057403 found at https://althouse.blogspot.com/.



Not surprised at all

I am really not surprised at the Democrats’ and MSM’s constant accusations of Trump/GOP racism . . . sexism . . .  nationalism . . . xenophobia.  What else have they got?  Other issues?  Nuthin’.

I am late to Sen Warren’s Indian claim

But I thought from the beginning that her declaration of the test, with a 6th generation or 10th generation ancestor, was a mistake from the beginning.  Having quantified her Indian ‘heritage’ at 1/1024 (the lowest number which her opponents would be sure to emphasize), it is too easy a target for her opponents.  Having seen the reaction since her announcement, even from her erstwhile allies, I sincerely wonder “What was she thinking?”