Katie Couric deservedly mocked

For her gross misunderstanding of the prevalence of daily ice skating in the Netherlands. Funny remarks at the link.  My guess is that she is thinking about the classic commuting tale, “Hans Gecko and the Silver Wall Street Skates”.


Echoing down to the latest generation

The speaker is Abraham Lincoln. “When someone asked if he had ever doubted the North’s final victory he shot back, ‘Never for a moment.’  He quoted Seward, saying ‘that there was always just enough virtue in this republic to save it; sometimes none to spare, but still enough to meet the emergency, and he agreed with Mr. Seward in this view.”

From the outstanding Grant, by Ron Chernow, page 479.  Mr. Lincoln and Mr. Seward’s sentiment applies today.

Something is not right

LIfezette is reporting that, based on finding 50,000 messages sent in 5 months, Peter Strok and Lisa Page were texting each other, on average, every 4-5 minutes. Every day, all day, no breaks.  I do not believe it.  Something is being overcounted.


Let the deluge begin

“housands of FBI cellphones were affected by the technical glitch that the DOJ says prevented five months’ worth of text messages between FBI officials Peter Strzok and Lisa Page from being stored or uploaded into the bureau’s archive system, federal law enforcement officials tell Fox News.”  from Foxnews.  So every defense attorney with any client even remotely under this 5-month interval is petitioning the Federal judge “Make the FBI release the tweets or release my client!”  A nightmare for the FBI.


Pyrrhus of Epirus could not be reached for comment

Do the Democrats know what a Pyrrhic victory is?  A Federal judge has ordered the Trump administration to continue accepting DACA enrollment.  This will motivate Trump to nominate more judges who administer the law as written.


Big corporation discounts my way

Amazon has narrowed the list of candidate locations for its second headquarters to 20.  The list includes blue cities like NYC, Newark (NJ), and Pittsburgh.  I bet plenty of those mayors denounced the recent tax cut law for, among other reasons, reductions in corporate tax rates.  I am sure that these same mayors (and their governors) are willing to give Amazon big $$$ favors.


If Moore wins in Alabama

then Sen Al Franken will not resign (or retract his promise to resign, if you like).