My Dad Moment

Over the weekend we saw some kids, college kids, with apparent dead battery.  Another car had pulled up to help, so I figured the solution was at hand.  But my spouse advised me to ask them if they needed help.  They did.  They had some idea of how to jump a car, and full marks to the driver of the dead car for carrying jumper cables, but they really needed someone who has done this before.  Like me!  So we all got together, got the dead car up and running in 5 minutes, and they were on their way.  But I was channeling my dad the whole time.

Forecasting another Trump win

President Trump says illegal or ineligible voters contributed 3 million votes to Sec.  Clinton.  The NY Times is already calling this false, although as Professor Althouse notes, no one knows for sure.  Now some professors estimate Clinton’s benefit was 800,000 votes.  So Trump has a point, albeit exaggerated 4x.  So he can argue for tighter laws.  Opponents have no response; they said there was none, but there were plenty.  Trump loses the skirmish, but I predict will win on tighter voting requirements.

Parallel to French Revolution

Don’t know French history very well, but I understand the Revolution devoured itself.  Yesterday’s radicals, eg Robespierre, became today’s guillotined.   Now a candidate for DNC chair says people must shut their mouths if white.  The candidate, Sally Boynton Brown, has not won the chair, nor is it even clear if she has a chance.  Her winning would mark internal self-destruction of the Democratic Party.

Perhaps there could also be fruitful meditation on the paradox of Ms Brown, who says ‘shut their mouth if their white’, is apparently white.  So how can she lead?

So much crying you will be sick of all the crying

I caught about 1 hour of MSNBC’s coverage of inauguration, about 5 pm-6 pm.  I wish had been live blogging: so much to react to.

  1. The Trump family is entering the reviewing stand.  One commentator (not sure who) says it reminds him of Romanov family.  THE ROMANOVS!  The projection of wishing the new President overthrown and family violently killed was blinding.,
  2. Trump behind schedule, should have already been on reviewing stand.  “He’s screwing this up”.  All the distractions, events, gladhanding . . . and he has to be on time?  Mayor DeBlasio of NYC is famously late for all his events, but I doubt he is accused of screwing things up.  Pathetic scraping for any criticism.
  3. On 1st day Trump already signed some executive order re mortgages (I think) that will cost $500 to middle class.  Per year? Per month?  What was order?  How will it cost taxpayers this?  And why?  Good or bad order?  No discussion, just unsupported sniping.
  4. Finally, Trump’s alleged ‘dark speech’.  Religions of Man author (sorry forgot name) notes something like “The current condition of man may be as dark as can be drawn.  The question of optimism does not arise until it is discussed whether it can be improved or not”.


‘President Obama began his final press conference on a surprising note. Despite “not liking all of the stories you’ve filed,” he told the gathered White House press corps, it’s you’re [sic] duty to ask “tough questions” and not be “sycophants.” ‘, at least according to this story on the President’s last news conference.

The missing context is that most of the MSM *was* sycophantic to President Obama.  He is only telling them to go forward without sycophancy now that his term is over.  I expect the MSM will be much tougher on Trump than they ever were on Obama.   The sycophancy will continue.