Programming help needed at my credit card company

I called my credit card company to advise them that I will be in new part of country and not to worry about charges therefrom.  The call was fine.  I took survey afterwards.  The 4th question was something like “Did you call us before about this issue and were we able to help (1 for yes, 2 for no)”.  But I had never called before on this issue, so neither ‘1’ or ‘2’ were correct.  I kept silent.  After 3rd message “incorrect data received” (which is sort of true, because no data was received), the call was terminated.  They need a ‘not applicable’ response to the question.

So what is company supposed to do?

The local water company is seeking to relocate its headquarters.  Final town approval is still not obtained.

Suez dropped plans to install a pair of above-ground fuel tanks for its fleet, to quell an early point of contention. Company representatives said Suez would not reintroduce those plans without seeking approval.

But neighbors said the company admitted that its plan to have workers buy gas with fuel cards would result in higher costs that would be passed along to customers. The company declined comment on this contention.

So the company wanted to include fuel tanks for its vehicles on the property.  That is bad, per neighbors.  OK, says company, we will not have fuel tanks.  Apparently as a consequence vehicle will be refueling will be paid for with fuel cards.  Also bad, per neighbors.