I can see Sec. Clinton dismantling or strongly re-organizing one or several of the President’s programs.  Not out of what is good for the country (though it may help), but as payback.


Newspapers on the day you were born

You know the services that will send you a copy of the NY Times (or other newspapers) on the date and year of your birthday.  It is the news that was happening the day you were born!  Well, not exactly.  It was what was happening the day before you were born. You should order the newspaper copy for the day after you were born.

Belgium, 2

The President seems indifferent to the attacks in Belgium and the deaths of two Americans.  Well, he cannot drop everything for every American death.  But I also get the feeling, based on this and other events, that he thinks Europe is getting a little of what it deserves.  Trump will derive more support from this.


Win,win,and lose

Letting prisoners out of Guantanamo?  Pleases the President’s base, thrills terrorist group, and kills an American.  http://www.foxnews.com/politics/2016/03/23/officials-say-guantanamo-transfers-have-killed-americans.html?intcmp=hpbt2

Does not fit the narrative

WOW! VIDEO– BLACK TRUMP SUPPORTER – STOMPS Anti-Trump Protester in With Confederate Sign at Tucson Rally (Updated)