Pitching as punishment

Regarding the Harper-Papelbon fight on Sept 27 (http://espn.go.com/mlb/story/_/id/13755937/bryce-harper-jonathan-papelbon-scuffle-washington-nationals-dugout), why did manager Matt Williams leave Papelbon in so long in the 9th inning while he was getting rocked?  I bet it was (1) punishment (“If you are so smart, you show us how to save a game via pitching”) and (2) contracts – marginal increase in Papelbon’s ERA should cost him $1-$2K in the next contract negotiations.

Putting aside differences?

At the sermon today the priest echoed (I believe) Pope Francis’ request to put aside our differences and work together.  This struck me as a lack of understanding.  The differences are honest differences.  I am not convinced by my opponents’ arguments, but surely they are sincerely held.  To say, “Let’s put aside our differences” is to say, “You are not really sincere in your belief, and are deliberately choosing your point-of-view to be mean” (or spiteful, or difficult, or malevolent).  It fails to understand how people can think.

Gimme rewrite

“Why 1.75 billion? That’s the number of smart phones proliferating the planet, creating a window of opportunity for statistics research she enthusiastically points out to students at the University of Michigan whenever she can.”

in http://magazine.amstat.org/blog/2015/09/01/susan_murphy/

What are they thinking?

My company’s division announced a re-organization.  4-5 dozen jobs will be lost.  But at the subsequent division meeting there was tremendous emphasis on how fabulous our pipeline is.  So what message are the would-be layoffs people receiving?  “The future is so hot, but we have no room for you”.