From HST to AOC

If you can’t stand the heat, get out of the kitchen.  Harry S Truman

AOC can dish it out, but sure cannot take it.


Incomplete reporting from

I refer to the article which I regard simple regurgitation of a press release without any critical thinking. as incomplete.  It cites the SPLC uncritically in determination of hate groups.  However, the SPLC has difficulties these days.  See


The article should be revised for fairness.

Does Lohud have an editor?

I sort of doubt it. From story about an antivaccination meeting.

Bigtree produced the 2016 documentary “Vaxxed,” which contends the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has tried to cover up links between autism and the MMR vaccine — a view that has been widely disputed.Sussman is a well-known civil rights lawyer representing the parents of unvaccinated children with religious exemptions in a lawsuit against Rockland County’s measles emergency.

The following day, Handler and Bigtree were part of an anti-vaccination rally in Albany that brought hundreds to a gathering outside the Capitol.

[my emphasis].  “The following day” after what?

Notre Dame fire

I was very sorry about the Notre Dame fire.  As soon as I heard I texted my family with the news, adding “I am not making this up”, because it was so unbelievable.  I also could not help remember my visit to Munich 20 years ago, where the markers for historical landmarks such as the Frauenkirchen alluded to ‘restoration’.  Restoration for what?  Oh, yeah, the Allies bombed Munich multiple times in WWII.  But the buildings were rebuilt.


Yesterday, April 15, as per current practice, all MLB players wore #42 in honor of Jackie Robinson.  So #42 was pitching to #42, with #42 catching.  Who was on first?  #42