The Color of the Lunatic Fringe is Green

The Green New Deal (GND) is summarized here (Americans for Tax Reform).   I note only the 8th-grade naivete ringing in “Build out highspeed rail at a scale where air travel stops becoming necessary.”  1) Why not ‘Build’ instead of ‘Build out’?  2) ” . . . where air travels stops becoming necessary”.  What is the ‘becoming’?  Is air travel necessity increasing so much that, barring GND, air capacity has to expand enormously?

Airlines travel at 460 – 575 mph. Not over every mile, nor every flight, but I am sure that these speeds are typical for transcontinental flights.  How fast can trains go?  Per Wikipedia, Extensive trials using the Fastech 360 test trains have shown that operation at 360 km/h (224 mph) is not currently feasible because of problems of noise pollution (particularly tunnel boom), overhead wire wear, and braking distances.   So NY to SF, 3000 miles, would take AT LEAST fifteen hours, assuming the train would never stop.  So air travel will always be a necessity.


Gov. Ralph Northam (D., VA) owns his depraved indifference to human life

I note the governor used ‘infant’ here.  Not ‘fetus’ or ‘clump of cells’.  ‘Infant’.

Shoutout, too, to Virginia Delegate Kathy Tran, for owning her share.  As reported here, Delegate Tran’s bill would permit abortion even if the mother was dilating.

  1. MDs help me here: if baby has entered birth canal, can some sort of D&C procedure still be performed, or would be medically safer to let the baby be delivered first?
  2. If delivered does that make the baby a person?
  3. I lost source of comment, but someone raised question that shouldn’t the 14th Amendment (‘equal protection under the law’) apply to the baby.
  4. I hear ‘non-viable’ used as a cover word for ‘what we really mean’, but there is apparently no such restriction in proposed language. What conditions would be considered ‘non-viable’ and why not put such text in the bill?
  5. Could ‘white male’ be considered a ‘non-viable’ condition by an aggressive feminist mother and concurring physician?  If not, then why not?

I give another year before ‘untermenschen’ becomes an acceptable term in Democratic Party discussions.

Revised Catholic Bible

Old version per NRSV

14 but Jesus said, “Let the little children come to me, and do not stop them; for it is to such as these that the kingdom of heaven belongs

15 And he laid his hands on them and went on his way.

New version Per Diocese of Covington, KY

but Jesus said, “Let the little children come to me, and do not stop them; for it is to such as these that the kingdom of heaven belongs

And he investigated them.

The Diocese trashed the kids before the exculpatory videos came out.  Now the Diocese’s reputation is itself trash.  My guess is that the Diocese will ‘investigate’ until it can a new way to shame those poor 15-year-old boys.

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Apology for getting caught

Jack Morrisey has apologized for his disgraceful tweet about the Covington High School teenagers.  Good for him, except the apology is apparently based on getting caught, not on contrition or realization of wrongdoing.

Morrissey said he deleted the tweet as [sic] soon after noticing negative reactions to it online.


Not sure what Rep. Pelosi is thinking

With her request for the President to postpone the State of the Union speech.  The AP follows up with supportive editorializing

Pelosi, who issued the customary invitation to Trump weeks ago, hit the president in a vulnerable place, as he delights in taking his message to the public and has been preparing for the address for weeks.

So why couldn’t the President deliver the SOTU from the White House, with text sent to Congress the next day?  Where is this ‘vulnerable place’?  I think that Trump could give a speech, call it the SOTU, and blast Congress for not passing the appropriations he is requesting.

PS  Bonus editorializing in same article

Trump could opt to deliver a speech somewhere else, like the Oval Office, but it would not have the same ritualistic heft.

Says who?  And why not?  Straight up insider talk, no supporting quotes.

Rushed journalism, at best

we promise

From an article in about about the so-called ‘generational’ biotech center in Westchester County.  Ordinary article, then the jarring switch to first person plural “We won’t know for some time whether the project is truly “generational,” but its promise is real. “.  The article is not listed as opinion or review.  I suspect cut-and-paste from press release.

I also rolled my eyes at ” . . . but its promise is real”.  That says nothing.  I promise to lose 15 pound this year.  The promise is ‘real’.  Based on my past performance, such an occurrence is highly unlikely.  But I am sincere in my promise.

Oh, yeah, another ‘we’.



“Ideally, jobs will be created for people with different levels of education and skills. We’re not talking only about researchers in lab coats, as central as they are. There should be plenty of “middle-skills” jobs for people who may not have a college degree, but have specialized training for key roles. “

My emphasis.  Same point: looks like PR text copied to article.  My guess is an overscheduled reporter.  Where is the editor?