“Untermenschen” is next from Mr. Chris Cuomo

He really hates you.  ““My message to you is simple. Be aware, there are many of us who see you as unequal, as less than. And you will be opposed at every turn because what you are about is wrong, and fighting you is right.” My emphasis.  Found at newsbusters.org.


Watching all the time

I called into a video conference this week.  There were attendees from multiple sites.  During the first presentation, which was rather long, the camera feed remained stuck on one of the sites.  Inspection showed the attendees were on mute, chatting or working on other projects.  Not very polite for presenter, but clear for all to see.  So let this be a warning.

Bluster, straight up

Or so I have learned from the estimable popehat.com.  Non-specific complaints, lack of factual arguments, threats, hedge wording (“if you and your colleagues do not stop with the hit pieces that are full of lies and defamatory statements” – ie, presumably no complaint with hit pieces that are true).  I sense bluff by Michael Avenatti.