What he said

M Trumble, in comment to this Althouse post. says exactly what I have been struggling to formulate.  “Nothing will be revealed today. Were it possible to unseat Trump, anything remotely damaging would have come out months ago. They fired their bullets, threw all of the rocks, and are now clawing the ground for clods of dirt and spitting. And they think they are winning.”  Bullseye.

Who said it?

Something like “All totalitarianism starts with the impulse to protect”.  Via his Facebook page, Mayor Ted Wheeler, Portland, OR, is withholding a city permit for a gathering (maybe 2) because he objects to the likely content.  No word on when such a planned gathering would eventually be permitted; my guess is never.   To paraphrase Tom Wolfe, the long shadow of fascism is always landing on the United States and has landed in Portland.