Gross NASA error

Per NASA,  ““This year’s Perseid meteor shower peaks on August 12th and 13th,” says Bill Cooke of NASA’s Meteoroid Environment Office. “The Moon will be nearly new, setting the stage for a great display.”  Absolutely not.  The next full moon is Aug 15; no way Moon is ‘nearly new’.  How does this get approved?  Also blame Fox News for uncritical acceptance. seeking to hire editor, or at least they should be

From this story.  (accessed July 17, 2019 at 1:40 pm)

“New York’s law lets municipalities to set up charitable reserve funds that would give tax credits equal to 95% of a contribution.” [edits in bold]

“Since the funds were set up, New York collected $93 million to for the Charitable Gifts Trust Fund to fund education and health care.” [edit in bold]

“Scarsdale’s charitable fund received more than $500,000 in contributions in 2018, but then dried up after the regulations were issued.” [what dried up, the fund or the contributions?]



2020 Election Prediction

Foolishly building on my 1/1 record (predicting Trump would win, but totally missing the vote %), I predict the Democrats will nominate Kamala Harris for President and Elizabeth Warren for VP.  Why?  Because they are so convinced they are riding the tide of history, and the only way to acknowledge that Hillary Clinton lost is that she was the only woman on the ticket, and because intersectionality rules all, it follows that the Democratic ticket must be all female.

Trump will win every state except CA and NY and DC.

Boycott Home Depot?

I read that a twitter hashtag to boycott Home Depot is trending.  This would apparently be due to co-founder Bernie Marcus’s support of President Trump.  Not sure of the impact and I avoid shopping there anyway.  My avoidance is not a statement about the co-founder’s alleged political preferences, but because I think the quality of Home Depot products is not very good.  Employees are rarely helpful, either.

Programming help needed at my credit card company

I called my credit card company to advise them that I will be in new part of country and not to worry about charges therefrom.  The call was fine.  I took survey afterwards.  The 4th question was something like “Did you call us before about this issue and were we able to help (1 for yes, 2 for no)”.  But I had never called before on this issue, so neither ‘1’ or ‘2’ were correct.  I kept silent.  After 3rd message “incorrect data received” (which is sort of true, because no data was received), the call was terminated.  They need a ‘not applicable’ response to the question.

So what is company supposed to do?

The local water company is seeking to relocate its headquarters.  Final town approval is still not obtained.

Suez dropped plans to install a pair of above-ground fuel tanks for its fleet, to quell an early point of contention. Company representatives said Suez would not reintroduce those plans without seeking approval.

But neighbors said the company admitted that its plan to have workers buy gas with fuel cards would result in higher costs that would be passed along to customers. The company declined comment on this contention.

So the company wanted to include fuel tanks for its vehicles on the property.  That is bad, per neighbors.  OK, says company, we will not have fuel tanks.  Apparently as a consequence vehicle will be refueling will be paid for with fuel cards.  Also bad, per neighbors.