NJ: Lockdowns will continue well into 2021

A vaccine doesn’t mean we’re back to where we were,” Murphy said. “But it [will be] a hugely different environment. We’ve got to use that.

“We have a plan ready should that timeframe hold. Let’s get through the remainder of this fall and winter together.”[my emphasis]

Source: https://dailyvoice.com/new-jersey/mahwah/news/murphy-announces-new-covid-19-restrictions-says-vaccine-coming-spring-2021/797584/

1st Female President

If Biden is elected, then the United States will have its first female president. The only question is whether it will be Sen. Kamala Harris or Dr. Jill Biden. The latter seems to me all too ready to reprise the role played by Edith Wilson, Woodrow Wilson’s wife, after his (Woodrow’s) 1919 stroke.

Writing ruthlessly

PBS correspondent Yamiche Alcindor apparently does not believe that there are anarchists participating in the protests.  See link here on Foxnews.com.

At least for now (2-June-2020, 6:55 pm), I found it here.  The rebuttals are also in the Twitter link.

The Other McCain weblog quotes Arthur Koestler, “”One should either write ruthlessly what one believes to be the truth, or else shut up.”

Excellent advice for Ms. Alcindor.


Do Police Precincts Have Destruction Plans Like Embassies?

Extensive videotape of Minneapolis riots and invasion of 3rd precinct here.   You know, like fall of US Embassy in Saigon and attack in Iran.

  1. Shredding of files
  2. Securing side arms, rifles
  3. Chemicals, eg tear gas
  4. Computers and their hard drives

Looks like all cops pulled out with all of their patrol cars.  Was anything important left?  My guess is yes.

  1.  Always always some stuff gets overlooked.
  2.  Perhaps the precinct has an evacuation plan, but doubt there were any drills or refresher courses because such evens are, fortunately, rare.