Fox Butterfield Effect at

I am referring to this story, with headline “Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s popularity hits new low, poll says”.

First 2 paragraphs:

ALBANY – Despite a series of legislative victories in January, Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s standing with New York voters fell to a new low, a poll Monday said.

Cuomo worked with the state Legislature last month to strengthen abortion laws, pass voting reforms, toughen gun-control laws and allow sexual-abuse victims to more easily sue their attackers.

  1. So-called strengthening of abortion laws = enhanced ability to abort right up to end of third trimester.  Abhorrent.
  2. Voting reforms include voting by mail, or register to vote on Election Day; opportunities for illegal voting just multiplied.
  3. ‘Toughen gun-control laws”; need I say more?

Democratic/liberal wish-list laws passed, yet approval falls?  Mysterious.

I also loved the rationalization

Cuomo’s senior adviser Rich Azzopardi dismissed the poll, saying it appears to be an outlier because Cuomo, Sens. Chuck Schumer and Kirsten Gillibrand and the state Legislature all fell off.

I think the lede should have been “All Major NY Democrats Suffer Loss in Polls”.


PS The Fox Butterfield effect is explained here

Butterfield is the eponym for “The Butterfield Effect”, used to refer to a person who “makes a statement that is ludicrous on its face, yet it reveals what the speaker truly believes”, especially if expressing a supposed paradox when a causal relationship should be obvious.[5][6] The particular article that sparked this was titled “More Inmates, Despite Drop In Crime” by Butterfield in the New York Times on November 8, 2004.[7]

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