Gov. Ralph Northam (D., VA) owns his depraved indifference to human life

I note the governor used ‘infant’ here.  Not ‘fetus’ or ‘clump of cells’.  ‘Infant’.

Shoutout, too, to Virginia Delegate Kathy Tran, for owning her share.  As reported here, Delegate Tran’s bill would permit abortion even if the mother was dilating.

  1. MDs help me here: if baby has entered birth canal, can some sort of D&C procedure still be performed, or would be medically safer to let the baby be delivered first?
  2. If delivered does that make the baby a person?
  3. I lost source of comment, but someone raised question that shouldn’t the 14th Amendment (‘equal protection under the law’) apply to the baby.
  4. I hear ‘non-viable’ used as a cover word for ‘what we really mean’, but there is apparently no such restriction in proposed language. What conditions would be considered ‘non-viable’ and why not put such text in the bill?
  5. Could ‘white male’ be considered a ‘non-viable’ condition by an aggressive feminist mother and concurring physician?  If not, then why not?

I give another year before ‘untermenschen’ becomes an acceptable term in Democratic Party discussions.

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