Not sure what Rep. Pelosi is thinking

With her request for the President to postpone the State of the Union speech.  The AP follows up with supportive editorializing

Pelosi, who issued the customary invitation to Trump weeks ago, hit the president in a vulnerable place, as he delights in taking his message to the public and has been preparing for the address for weeks.

So why couldn’t the President deliver the SOTU from the White House, with text sent to Congress the next day?  Where is this ‘vulnerable place’?  I think that Trump could give a speech, call it the SOTU, and blast Congress for not passing the appropriations he is requesting.

PS  Bonus editorializing in same article

Trump could opt to deliver a speech somewhere else, like the Oval Office, but it would not have the same ritualistic heft.

Says who?  And why not?  Straight up insider talk, no supporting quotes.

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