I had no idea it would be this easy

I wanted to start an online subscription to lohud.com, a newspaper associated with USA today.  I found page “https://checkout.usatodaynetwork.com/lohud?marketCode=BH&PID=1828&gps-source=BEEN&utm_source=bounce-exchange&utm_medium=entranceoverlayap&utm_campaign=2019NEWYEAR&utm_content=&utm_term=”, or least this is what I could copy.

The offer is 99 cents/month for 3 months, then $6.99/month.  “Save 90% for 3 months!”.  Except it is an 86% savings, not 90%.  Just the kind of sloppy writing that I expect to find in the newspaper . . .  and I found it even before completing enrollment.  Fake News now extended to Fake Calculations.


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