Fake News, Puerto Rico edition

So now Trump is supposedly muffing the emergency response in Puerto Rico? Some disagree.  Also, given the president’s excellent response in Houston and Florida, the story that he has somehow lost his effectiveness in Puerto Rico makes no sense.  My theory: MSM does not want a Trump-is-effective-leader sense to settle on public.  cf San Juan mayor complains of poor response while standing in front of aid pallets. So, belatedly, they are trying to cast doubt on the narrative.  But it is all for political purposes, not for news presentation.

Doctrine of no salvation

School Librarian Liz Phipps Soeiro apparently considered Dr Seuss books as racist due to unacceptable drawings by Dr Seuss in other books.  Apparently such drawings are unacceptable.  So Dr Seuss cannot be saved.  Regrettably Ms Soeiro endorsed Dr Seuss as recently as 2015, wearing a Cat-in-the-Hat costume.  So, by her reasoning, Ms Soeiro is also beyond salvation.  Sad!