Pulitzer Prize eligible

THis.  Utterly brilliant.  Link here: Venezuela..

  1. The contrast between the numerous demonstrators with makeshift shields vs armored police.
  2. No faces, all about belonging to your crowd, as a demonstrator or as police officer.
  3. The human touch with the guy on right with his left hand on fellow officer’s back.  I bet he (the guy on right) is the sergeant.  His message, “OK, guys, hold steady, do as I say, do as we are trained and we will all be OK”.
  4. Also the contrast between the huge crowd, 5 officers (though reinforced with what I take to be an armored personnel carrier on the right), and the empty space on the left and between the police and demonstrators.
  5. The curve of the road leads past the police to the crowd, suggesting sweeping into a conflict.


I also wonder about the significance of the red-and-white shields.  I count 9 with bars or circles, but they are not all identical to each other.

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