Watching Lesley Stahl’s 60 Minute Interview of Donald Trump

  1. I grade Ms Stahl as follows:  virtue signalling A+; interviewing technique F-.
  2. She is so so angry.  You can feel her clenched teeth.
  3. With apologies to Homer: “Rage.  Goddess, sing the rage of Lesley Stahl, interviewer.  Murderous, doomed, costing CBS millions in journalistic reputation . . .”

Sixties envy

I believe a lot of the liberal social causes have their basis in 60’s envy.  Great and overdue rectifications occurred then.  If something is rectified now, eg, gay marriage, free tuition, etc . . .. then that will be a great rectification just like civil rights.  Disputable.

Spare me

I lost link, but CNN had opinion piece (I repeat myself) on the day after the election that ended with the conclusion that Trump’s election could be the end of peaceable politics.  Really?  After the treatments of Sarah Palin?  Joe the Plumber?  Bakers refusing to make cakes for gay weddings?  *scoff*