Never far away

The whiff of totalitarianism is never very far away from Sec. Clinton.  Half the people who support Trump are in ‘basket of deplorables’.  “Listen to voters? No, voters should listen and follow her” is the apparent attitude.  Not democracy, but aristocracy.  Assuming she wins, how would Clinton handle or address the deplorables?  In her view they are racist, sexist, homophobic or xenophobic.  Re-education would be first; no need to listen to them, they need new ways of thinking.  Then after that does not work, forced re-education.


Update: a commenter in Althouse blog points to Clinton’s call last year for fun camps for adults.

Paper dragon

They say China is very angry with North Korea for its antics (to put it mildly) re nuclear weapons.  But North Korea just set off its 5th bomb, and it sounds reasonably successful.  Maybe China is just a paper dragon.

I endorse Trump

  1. Sec. Clinton’s corruption is already legendary and would only get worse.
  2. Trump would face divided Congress: Democrats would hate him and Republicans would hate him.  Divided government is best for the citizenry and the USA.

Trump is no prize and no conservative. I do not like his attitude towards free speech and to the Russians.  But he loves the United States and would do the best he can for it, even if we disagree with what is the ‘best’.  Clinton would be only about enriching herself and her foundation.