Students skipping out of PC training . . . Impossible!

Cornell University requires diversity training (but what school does not?).  They call it Tapestry of Possibilities.  Described thusly “This provocative and interactive theater performance, required for all first-year and transfer students, is aimed at supporting and enhancing a diverse community where all members feel welcomed, respected, and honored.”  A hazily-written article in the Cornell Sun says concerns were raised.  Very hard to figure out what those concerns are, although my guess is someone was questioning the PC foundation of the training.  The best quote of the article is “In response to concerns saying that a significant number of students were swiping their IDs at Tapestry and Speak About It and then sneaking out of the performances early, Kramer said that he was aware of the issue and that students who did leave early were the ones who needed to watch the performances the most.”[my emphasis].

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