Where the Nanny State will take us

“Older people should lose their pensions if they refuse to do community work to stop them being a “negative burden on society”, a former senior Whitehall official has suggested.” via http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/politics/9630862/Elderly-should-do-community-work-or-lose-pension-peer-says.html.


If you are not in the harness of the state, then we do not need you.  In UK, state does not serve you, you serve state.  Creepy and totalitarian (via althouse.blogspot.com).


So the conventional wisdom is that the Millenials are going big-time for Sen. Sanders. And also that this will be spearhead for eventual victory for Sen Sanders in November. I think the Democratic party has been down this road before, and it was not helpful for them.


I really do not believe that supporters of reparations can expect some kind of cash deal.  Others have explained the complications better than me; what if you are an immigrant after date X; should descendants of Union soldiers get discount, etc.  Unworkable.  The real goal is a pile of money ($500 million should do) and control of the board of directors to dispense the money as they see fit, eg, support education, employment training, *influencing power*, etc.