Cannot prove it

I read yesterday some complicated spat circling around the President’s apparent consideration to run for UN Secretary General after he leaves the White House.  I guessed this 2 years ago, but regrettably have no paper record to prove it.  Sad.

Well done

In the middle of the sudden Flint water crisis, an explanation and a timeline of events.  Perhaps more details will shift focus, but well done and a good voice to hear:  (courtesy

Saving my time

I pushed back on a friend’s FB post, citing 1-2 facts in my support.  This was a post with 1000’s of responses, so no surprise that a stranger disagrees.  I understand disagreement.  But he starts his rebuttal, “You fool” before citing his facts, facts that I accept as true not too relevant to the argument.  I did not respond.  Such a person is more interested in yelling than in mutual exchange of disagreements.

We have been through this before now

Big, big snowstorm coming our way.  Forecasts says 6-12 inches (which is a lot!), with the possibility of 2x that.  Preliminary panicking ongoing now.  Oh, come on!  We have wild predictions like this almost every year.  What happens?  The total accumulation regresses to the mean and does not hit the maximum.  Same this time, I am sure.

The Big Onion

Senator Ted Cruz allegedly insulted New Yorkers with his recent remarks the residents.  Mayor diBlasio, Governor Cuomo, and others took exception,  demanding an apology.  Give up.  New Yorkers, especially the City residents, are the biggest crybabies in the world.